Monday, January 5, 2009

Yep. We're sticking with the blue in our family. Thank goodness he wasn't shy and we're definitely sure we're having another boy.
Now we just have to think of a name....
Any ideas?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Merry Christmas and Jinx

Christmas was really great this year. It was fun to be in our new house and to watch Mikey excited and opening his presents on his own. We were all spoiled and are grateful for family and friends for contributing to that.

Mikey got this basketball hoop and once he opened it, he didn't want to open any more. He would just sit and stare at it. He was funny. Each present he opened he wanted it set up right away. Then we'd distract him with more wrapping paper.

This is Mikey with all his stocking stash. He was content with this. We had to remind him there were presents under the tree.

He got this cars tent for his bed and he loves it....except when he's actually sleeping.

He got a track set with Thomas the train and every morning now he'll bring it out to set it up. Our living room isn't complete without it.

His couch is now a permanent decoration in our living room as well. He doesn't use ours anymore. His aunt Kim got him all the Cars cars and they are hardly out of sight, either.

We also made the spontaneous decision to get a dog. It was just too good of a deal to pass up. She's a golden lab and we called her Jinx. Our friends have her brother, Jax. For the most part, she's a sweet little puppy. We are working on a couple things, but are really happy to have her.

Mikey loves playing with her and he's learned some new vocabulary since we got her. "Mean doggy", "Nice doggy", and "Doggy no no". Among other things with the word doggy following or preceding. Jinx is really good with Mikey. Just the right amount of playful.

New Years Even we didn't do much. We put Mikey to bed, watched Eagle Eye, fell asleep but set our alarm to wake up and watch the ball drop. Amazing what parenthood does to you : ) I swear we aren't always so boring : )
Other than that, things are good here. We're still working on the never ending tasks our house presents and getting ready for baby number two. We find out in a couple days what the sex of the baby will be so I'm sure I'll be doing another post soon. Hope everyone had a great holiday and has a Happy New Year!