Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Couch Potato

Mikey's latest: Taking cereal, crackers or anything in a box and taking it over to the t.v. to watch. So independent and lazy at such a young age. Makes a mother proud.

A Apple

Some of you may know that Mikey is not much for words. He only says dada and baba. So for someone that doesn't even say mama, this weekend was a pretty big deal. We were watching Dennis The Menace on t.v. on Sunday and fans of that movie know the part where the little cross-eyed boy says, "a apple". Well, that part passed and we heard a little echo next to us on the couch. Mikey had said that same thing. We coaxed him into saying it a few times and the next morning he woke up with no recollection of of the ability. I'm still claiming that as a first sentence.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We were able to go to California this past weekend and it was a much needed vacation. Michael had a job interview (still waiting on that...) and we got to visit his family and my sister, Andrea, and her family. Mikey actually slept better at their house so I was able to sleep in and we got to have four days of Michael being home. Mikey really loves his daddy more now than he did before. It's really cute.

Try and ignore his everpresent drool and notice the shirt he's wearing. This was Michael's shirt when he was three. I guess clothes were tighter back then : )

Mikey turns one in a little over a week and so his family threw him an early birthday party. It was pretty exciting.

This is Mikey after a couple bites of cupcake. He ate the whole thing with two fingers. Very neat and almost clean.
Chocolate cake face.

We eventually moved him onto the floor so he could make a little mess.
This is Mikey's cousin Bradley. As he is showing you in the picture, he is three. He has gotten so big, it was crazy to see how grown up he was!

This is my sister's baby Elizabeth. She is such a pretty little girl. It's fun to see the differences and similarities between her and Mikey.
Mikey and Bradley
All three cousins
Andrea and I and our babies. It was really fun seeing her so much. I have really missed her being in Arizona. We talk every day so it was fun to actually spend some time together. We even got to go running. Hopefully this will be a regular thing if we move.

Mikey had his first taste of watermelon too. He loves fruit. He'll eat strawberries, watermelon, peaches and bananas all day long.

Mikey likes playing on couches. He'll run along them and play tag and hide and seek. He is his happiest during these games.
Mikey popping up to say boo for peek a boo.
Mikey got a foam sword for his fake birthday. I didn't know how he's act, but he loves it.
This is Mikey's new way to play peek a boo. He'll look for us through his legs. Sorry about the red eye in some of these pictures, I am too lazy to fix them before I post.
Mikey has been a standing fool lately. He hasn't walked yet, but he'll stand up every ten seconds or so and clap for himself. We are loving it.
And he's up!
Here's some video of the little gus standing up. I think he'll be so happy when he can walk. We're working on it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day At The Park

Our family has had the flu the past week or so and we haven't been having too much fun doing anything. With Mikey feeling better, we really needed to get out of the house. We finally had a day that wasn't 100 degrees. It was a nice cloudy 80 today. We took advantage of the weather and went to the park. We had to leave early because it started to thunder and lightning but Mikey had more fun than I'd ever seen. He didn't even want to wait for me to go down the slide with him. He was so brave and it was fun to see.

This picture isn't the best because he wasn't looking, but he was having fun, I promise.

Mikey amazes me. He climbed up the slide all by himself and was quite the adventurer. Sorry about my fingers at the beginning, I didn't know I was filming.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mom

I love you