Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer 2012

Here are some of our summer pics.  Well, half of the summer.  From the middle of July and backwards, I have to find all the pics I put on a disc and already delted off my camera :) (Including the best trip to Utah ever...so wait for it :) ) Here goes....
Spent a lot of time with the slip n slide, beachball sprinkler, water guns, and pool this summer
 Impromptu family photo

 Went on a super fun date for Michael's 28th birthday.  Our first time bowling together :)
 Look at that form!
 As you can see, we are really, really not so good

 Ty learned to crawl this summer and I find him watching the spin cycle a lot
 Riley got into my fingernail polish one day while I was writing.  He's so mischevious!

 The boys' room after an hour of free play time
 Riley trying to do his puzzles and Ty being a cute little pest
 Riley fell asleep on my legs one morning
 Mikey, Riley, and their cousin Brad had their first sleepover the week before school started.
 Mikey loves to wear daddy's clothes.  He put these on and said, take a picture for you blog, mommy :)
 We built a lot of forts this summer
 Got to spend some fun time with the Higas.  Such a fun family with a very cute baby boy.
 Super Ty Ty
 Ty loves playing cars with his brothers.  This is his favorite car.  He picks it out every time.
 Funny Riley faces.  He buried himself in the couch cushions.
 Ty looks HUGE in this picture.  Ha ha.  Brotherly love.
 Michael made me a delicious birthday breakfast.  Look at that presentation!
 Riley and I visited a fire station.
 Ty sneaking in to take a bath with his brother. 
 Michael had his ten-year high school reunion.  It was really fun!

 Me and my baby boy who is growing into not such a baby anymore
 Ty ty's first popsicle
 One Saturday morning we all went to the church and played basketball.  So fun!

 We went to the Donut House after.  Mmmmm
 Ty Ty stands on EVERYTHING now, but still doesn't walk.  I love his shoes in this pic.
 Michael had an alumni event at a Jethawks game.  There was fun and games for the kids.

 Michael got to throw out the first pitch.  So cool!

 My chunk a munk
 Ty ty loves when daddy reads and sings to him.  He's mesmerized.
 Took our annual trip to camp at Carpinteria

 Ty ty ate a lot of sand :(  ha ha
 Michael and Mikey built a shark head in the sand.

 There was a fun playground there.

 Our friends had a raft we could go out on.
 Ty ty is really this happy only because he got the Cheezits box :)
 Michael using the raft to boogie board
 Mikey and Riley built a sand castle and then buried themselves in the sand.

 Some nice people next to us on the beach and in our campsite let Michael borrow their paddle board.  It was his favorite part.  He did so well!  Even swam with a dolphin!

 This is Ty on his 11 month birthday.  He is getting so big and I'm not ready for him to turn 1.  Yikes!  It was a fun summer!