Monday, February 6, 2012

Tys blessing

Ty recieved a beautiful name and a blessing yesterday and I couldn't help but take a million pics of how handsome he is.  They may all look the same to any of you, but I had to post a few of my favorites.  He's such a ham for the camera!  Those shoes were Michaels when he was little. All the boys have worn them on their blessing days.

Random 2012

So I tried about 5 times to blog about Christmas and blogger kept freezing when I was trying to upload pictures.  And I have a million pics, but I decided to skip blogging about Christmas because it wasn't working out and just move on since I'm getting really far behind.  This is just a random post of our 2012 so far....

Boys working on their basketball skills.

Michael's sister Kim got her mission call to Guatemala.

Mikey is continuing his mirroring daddy phase.

He actually is learning the rules of basketball and football and will watch with Michael.

Love this picture!

My sister Andrea had her baby Mason 3 weeks early.  So cute!

That brought my parents in to town to cuddle the new babies : )

3 boys in a tub...rub a dub dub