Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter 2012

These pictures may be out of order, but it is late and I'm just going to let it be.

Boys searching for eggs.  It was really fun this year.

Boy's easter baskets. 

All the eggs they found. 

Dressed up for church.  REALLY hard to get a good picture.  Sorry mom : )


Happy 1st Easter Ty!

Vegas 2012

We celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary this year.  We braved leaving Ty with Michael's mom and went 4 hours away to Vegas.  We're not a fan of the strip, which explains why we hated that part of our trip, so we stayed at the Ravella Resort on Lake Las Vegas. 

Had never heard of it before but got a deal through Living Social and we LOVED it.  They upgraded our room and brought us free beverages.  So nice and beautiful.  Was nice to get away and celebrate!

View from our room

The kids thought we were so cool because we saw Bumblebee as a car and person, and Buzz and Woody :)

Rev Baby

Michael got this shirt from work and asked for some pictures of Ty in it.  I think he should be thier spokesbaby : )

Hermana Creel

Michael's sister Kimberly left on her mission to Nicaragua on the 17th of April at midnight.  Here's a few pics of our last day with her.

Random Updating

This is what happens when you never blog.  A bunch of random posts.  But, Mama Sue, you deserve all of these.  So enjoy!

The boys wearing Michael's basketball shoes.

Mikey was sick and obligingly let me take his picture

Ty in his bumbo.  I think he was about 4-5 months in this picture.  I'm horrible! 

Sports watching starts early in our house : )

Started Ty on rice cereal at four months.  He did so horrible in these pics, we waited another month and he loved it.  Of course, we didn't get pics of that :)

I'm so sorry future Ty.  I had to get these adorable bum shots.  He is so chubby and cute!

He is seriously always this happy.  I'm one lucky momma.

I promise my baby does not watch tv.  It's just funny when he looks like it.  Mikey is a really good big brother.

One of the only times he used his bath.  I usually just stick him in with the older two.  Poor third child. 

Riley loves building roads for his cars out of Jenga.  And temples.  And robots.

Riley was given this Laker outfit as a gift.  He felt so cool!

I'm a sucker for pacifier smiles.

This is Michael so proud that he was telling Ty to look at him and all he wanted to do was watch the Laker game.  Ha ha. 

Ty's bouncer.  His feet don't quite touch the ground and all he does is eat it.  But he loves it. 

We had a fish pass away.  Read about it here

Another happy face. 

My love and my chunk...who I also love :)

Riley lovin the swing at Grandmas 

Boys bathed and in pjs, doesn't get better than that.

Boys playing UNO.  Riley's a little cheat ; )

Couldn't you just eat him up? 

Seriously, look at those legs! 

Cuddling daddy.

Mikey was at preschool, but I rarely get a picture with my kids, and I love this one for some reason.

Riley learned a new trick.  Really, try this.  It's HARD! 

Mikey was jealous I think so tried his old trick...getting too long for the hallway.  Ha ha.

Me and my sleeping baby.  Love it.