Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah Trip

We had such a good time in Utah. It was so fun to visit my favorite places and see my family. Mikey actually did really well on the plane and sleeping in a new place, so it was better than I even expected.

Our first day there we went and barbequed up Logan canyon. It is so beautiful up there and Mikey really liked running around outside and seeing all the birds and ducks. He loves seeing things in real life that he knows from his books. It's fun to see his vocabulary and animal sounds improving daily.

Mikey really warmed up to my whole family. He loved playing and being with them.

My grandma Turley had her 80th birthday party while we were there. It was really fun to see all the cousins and how our family is growing. My grandparents are the best. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

It was such nice weather the whole time we were there. Mikey actually got to play outside every day in the middle of the day. He hasn't got to do that in his whole life because it's usually so hot.

We went to this really cool park in River Heights called Ryan's Place. It is such a cool place. I highly recommend it. It was also fun to have Mikey wear his Aggie gear on home turf.

I went to dinner with some old friends and Firehouse and I didn't bring my camera. Marj, Ryan, Tracy, Aarron, Jen, Jason and was so good to see you! This is Jen's son Jaden. Of course they weren't looking at the camera, but for the hour or so they knew each other, they seemed to become friends. He is the cutest!

Mikey loves animals. It took him a while to get used to my parents dog, even though he barely weighs a pound, because he'd never been around one before. But by the end, he was trying to share his food and following him around. It was cute.

We went to Willow park and Mikey loved it. He has never been to a zoo before, so even this little one pleased him. My camera died two minutes in, so sorry there aren't more pictures of this little guy's joy. I think he was pointing the whole time non-stop. He made monkey and bird noises when he saw these next two.

We got Aggie Ice Cream....mmmmm...Mikey doesn't like ice cream so I got to eat the whole thing!

Of course we did crafts. I didn't take pictures of them, but it was really fun. Mikey even tried to learn a few things from my mom.

As you can tell, Mikey had a good time!
Since we've been home Mikey has grown up so much! He got a new big boy bed so he wouldn't climb out of his old one. He loves it and has slept without problems for days. Hopefully that sticks.

Call me crazy, and sorry for the almost nude shot, but I'm also trying to potty train him. I know he's only fifteen months, but he tells me when he needs to pee and poo, so I figured why not? He has yet to actually go in the toilet, but I figure if I show him the toilet enough times at the right time, it may catch on. He loves his toilet though. He wants to be so big!

Sorry this is extremely long. Hope everyone is doing well! Sorry if I missed you on my trip. Hopefully in November!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Catch Up

So, I've been absent from the blogsphere from some time, but I figured I better get it done now because Mikey and I are going to Utah tomorrow for almost a week! We are so excited.
This is family picture from July. It's not my favorite picture, but I love my two guys.

Michael turned 24 on July 31st. Happy Birthday, babe!

I reached a quarter of a century last month. Mikey enjoyed trifle more than I did.

Mikey has rediscovered the ability to eat his feet. It's pretty funny. He watches Baby Beethoven, Incredibles and Finding Nemo and sucks away as he does it.

Cool Dudes!

Mikey is obsessed with looking at pictures of his daddy. He'll walk around the house pointing and saying daddy. He will bring me pictures of Michael all the time too.

Mikey's attempt to dress himself. He looks good in a mini-skirt!

Andrea and I took Elizabeth and Mikey to the mall to play on these toys they have there. They had the time of their lives.

This is Mikey and his cousing Bradley. They play together so well and he saves me on the hard days.

The picture above is actually from our new house. Yup! We took the plunge and bought a house. We close on the 26th and are pretty anxious and excited. I'll post pictures once it's all put together. We got a really good deal and won't have to put a lot of work into it, so that should be soon.

I know this was long, but I'm not promising a shorter post when I get back from Utah. Hope to see some of you while I'm there!