Monday, November 7, 2011


We were a family of pirates this year for Halloween.  It was so much fun and the kids really had fun with it.  No, we didn't leave the eyepatch on Ty for longer than the picture, but it was cute for a second : )  We got way too much candy and have managed to eat almost all of it instead of giving it away like we intended.  Ha ha.  The post baby diet will wait until the new year ; )

Pumpkin Carving

Michael and the boys carved the pumpkin for FHE the week before Halloween.  The kids really got into it and so did Michael : )  We got a Mickey Mouse pumpkin this year.  So much fun!

Little Ty-Ty

Tyler is three weeks today and has fit right into our lives.  It's been fun to see how different a third boy can look from his two brothers and to see how alert and special he is.  We love little Ty-Ty!

Mikey holding him

My four boys!

He makes THE funniest faces : )

Ty got thrush and it looked like we painted his tongue white.  Best pic we could get.

In his carseat.  This is when he's a bit over a week old.  We forgot to do one the day he came home.  Ha ha, guess that's the third child for ya.

Happy Halloween from the little gus.

His favorite way to sit and sleep on daddy.

My little bundle

First day going to church almost three weeks old.  Handsome little guy : )

Tyler Kimball Creel

Tyler Kimball Creel
October 17, 2011
7 lb 4 oz 19 in
Thank you everyone for visiting and staying with us and helping us transition this little sweetheart into our lives.  We feel so blessed.

Showered With Love

My friend Kate and my sister Andrea threw me such a beautiful shower for Tyler.  It was so nice, the food was wonderful, and our friends and family spoiled us with amazing gifts.  Thank you everyone for helping us feel loved and for making this little guys arrival so special.

Mikey and Riley

My boys are so cute and I love watching how they love each other.

Mikey will get home from preschool and him and Riley will cuddle on the couch for a minute.  It's fun to watch Riley do EVERYTHING Mikey does.

Riley in his chucks
Mikey helping daddy paint the hutch

Riley dressed himself in three shirts and some sweatpants.  Such a funny guy.