Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mikey Loves...

Babies. Especially his new cousin Olivia.

Book Signing

My sweet dad braved the crowd of over a thousand middle schoolers to get his grown up book nerd of a daughter a couple autographs. He is the best! Since there were so many people and he already had waited a couple hours just for Shannon Hale's signature, he didn't go to the other lines and I TOTALLY understand. But he took a lot of great pictures for me and I am SO SO SO grateful for a dad who would do anything for his daughter!

Brandon Mull signing books. He wrote Fablehaven...and definite MUST READ

Shannon Hale. If you haven't read her books you need to start. It doesn't matter how old you are!

Shannon Hale signing my book!

It was a little embarrassing presenting these books to an author and letting them know I didn't buy their book new, but you know me: I love getting a great book at an awesome library sale : )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Basketball Champions Again

Another rec league basketball season in the can. Is that a saying? Anyway...Michael's team won the championship again and went undefeated. We all had fun cheering him on and the boys loved watching daddy play basketball. Great job team!

Welcome Olivia Grace McWhorter

My camera took this horrible picture in the hospital lighting but we were blessed to get a beautiful new niece on Sunday April 24th. Olivia Grace McWhorter was 7 lb 14 oz and 21 inches long. We are happy to have a girl on that side of the family : ) Congrats Aly, Kyle, Bradley and Carter!

Underwear Dilemma

Riley has been going on the potty a couple times a day. No major potty training going on, just getting him used to it and then we'll go full swing when he turns two. But he's really proud of himself and he keeps sneaking into Mikey's room and trying to put on as many pairs of underwear as he can. Love that kid!

Easter Weekend

Michael had a half day Friday so we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese and pizza. They always love that place!

We do Easter Bunny on Saturday at our house. These are the boys after the Egg Hunt. I took video of the hunt, but no pics. I love Riley's smile when he lets it loose.

The boys have enjoyed the nice weather and our silly swing on the front tree.

Easter morning we walked out our door on the way to church and found Easter Eggs all over our lawn. What a nice surprise!

My boys have a hard time posing for pictures. Our whole family actually matched, but I didn't get a family picture. And, we dyed Easter eggs but Riley was such a handful, I didn't get pictures of that either. We had a great weekend and it was nice to see the boys have fun but also recognize the true meaning of Easter and hear Mikey be so excited that Jesus Lives!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spiderman Obsession

Spiderman has become quite the big deal in our house. I actually had to tell Mikey he couldn't watch the cartoons anymore because they were a little too violent for him. But, he can still play if he only puts people in jail and shoots webs and climbs walls. He's doing pretty well.

Riley is starting to talk a lot more lately, not as much as Mikey did, but I'm a horrible mother for comparing. Anyway, he mostly says small words, but Mikey taught him to break up a word and he can say pretty much anything. He is so cute saying Spiderman. And, he's pretty good at the game of memory. He can find all the matches by himself when they're all facing up. I was impressed.

These are Mikey's web shooters....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's Something About

Pictures from a baseball game that scream to look old fashioned

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Nerd

So along with my friends' blogs, there are a few blogs I follow and they are all authors. And I am so happy to say that three of my favorite authors are visiting Logan and my dad is going to get them to sign my books for me. I wish I could be there myself, but how cool is that? Loganites, you really have to go to Logan Libary on April 22nd. Shannon Hale, James Dashner and Brandon Mull will be there. Lucky Loganites!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Baby #3

Signs of Summer

Utah Trip

Duncan Grandparents Visit