Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Signing

My sweet dad braved the crowd of over a thousand middle schoolers to get his grown up book nerd of a daughter a couple autographs. He is the best! Since there were so many people and he already had waited a couple hours just for Shannon Hale's signature, he didn't go to the other lines and I TOTALLY understand. But he took a lot of great pictures for me and I am SO SO SO grateful for a dad who would do anything for his daughter!

Brandon Mull signing books. He wrote Fablehaven...and definite MUST READ

Shannon Hale. If you haven't read her books you need to start. It doesn't matter how old you are!

Shannon Hale signing my book!

It was a little embarrassing presenting these books to an author and letting them know I didn't buy their book new, but you know me: I love getting a great book at an awesome library sale : )


Ashley said...

Awesome, so sweet! I can't believe how crowded it was. What a sweet dad!