Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas and Such

Our friend Sierra took our family pictures this year and I was really happy with them. It was a blustery day but they turned out great.

This one is just funny, and probably only to Twilight fans. Her husband is always making fun of me for looking like a vampire, so she edited this photo to make it look like it. She was joking, but it's one of my favorite ones ; ) It's kind of fun to be a vampire!

My boys are really loving each other lately

We had a ward Christmas party and Santa was there. He's in our ward and he was a really good one too. And, we saw him at church last week and Mikey thinks it's good that Santa goes to church too...

Riley doesn't like Santa so much

My boys loving eachother again. Riley will go anywhere with Mikey if he gets to hold his hand or give him hugs. It's nice.

Riley has been on the nebulizer again, but it's good cuddly photo ops

My little Santas

Sorry for the bad angle, Riley took it himself : )

Mikey decorating our tree

Riley mesmorized

I know it's blurry, but it also looks magical, right?

Riley finally learned to watch ten minutes of tv. And it's only Mickey Mouse, which he calls Hot Dog. I know you shouldn't want your children to watch tv, but Riley is totally not interested and sometimes I want to make dinner in peace, so I'll take the ten minutes : )
He totally sat like this all by himself. He knows how to make himself comfy