Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hop On Pop

Future Missionary

Good Morning

Putting Up The Pool

Got the kids in their skivvies to put up the pool.  I think they are beautiful : )

By the way, we finally put some work into our backyard.  Lovin it!

Memorial Day 2012

Went to our usual Memorial Day breakfast in Little Rock.  Good food and friends and some basketball.  Went to Charlie Brown's after to see the dinosaurs.

Mikey's Preschool Graduation

Mikey attended Birds Nest Learning Academy this year with Ms. Salpy, Ms Rosa, Ms. Denise and Ms. Kelly.  It was such a good experience for him and hope Riley gets in in two years.  Mikey had a great time and is prepared and excited for Kindergarten in the fall. 
(You'll have to excuse my camera.  Every picture we took inside the church was glowing.)

Handsome Graduate

Daddy and Ty waiting for the show to start

He performed a song called "the houkelaou" 

And the insect song.  He was the antennae. 

They do the Beatles Blackbird with sign language and it gets me crying every time.

When we got home the lock on our front door was broken so Michael had to take the swamp cooler out and climb in the window.  Mikey helped :) 

Mikey's 5th Birthday

Mikey has grown up so much.  He got 6 shots for Kindergarten and didn't even cry.  What a brave boy. He was looking forward to his birthday for months.

Clever mommy, just turned Riley's sign around.  Ha ha.

Birthday donuts for breakfast 

I took Mikey to Barnes and Noble to pick out some books for his birthday and he got a cookie bigger than his head!  Forgot the camera...

Mikey got to bring donuts to school on his birthday.  He has loved his preschool friends.

Mikey and Felicia

Mikey and Brittany

Mikey and Francesco

Mikey and Nauterelle

Mikey and Chloe

Mikey and Noelle

Mikey and Darach

Funny Faces!

Mikey and Zen

Ms. Salpy 

After school we met Andrea, Jon and kids at the library for a magician.  Mikey thought it was just for his birthday :)

Mikey has had pizza on his birthday since his first birthday.  

He got to choose to do anything he wanted with daddy that night and he chose to play basketball.  

Then they got ice cream.

This is Mikey laughing because daddy bought him a whoopee cushion :)

Auntie Nancy came by and brough mini-fans and Power Ranger Samurai costumes for the boys!