Monday, October 18, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

These pictures are way out of order, but I'm not going to change them. We carved pumpkins for FHE tonight. First time as a family.
Mikey helped me make these candy melt suckers for treats

Finished product


Boys working hard

My silly gusses

Riley digging in

Riley learned how to smile for the camera

All the boys

Mikey taking charge

Lombardi Ranch

I took the kids and went to Lombardi Ranch in Santa Clarita with Michael's family. It was a cute place to pick out our carving pumpkins and the kids had a blast. I'm not going to caption each picture, I'm lazy. So just enjoy!

Banana Footprint

Riley was walking around with his banana this morning and the top part broke off. He is very stubborn and won't eat a banana unless he gets to eat in the peel and he won't eat it if it breaks. So he let it drop, stepped on it and walked away. Now I have a banana footprint. I'll keep it forever ; )


wants to grow big like his daddy

loves that his shoes match daddy

doesn't nap anymore unless he does it accidentally

loves to fix things and help


Likes to eat on the couch with daddy and watch sports
is happy when we go on walks

cries when he gets things, especially toilet bowls, stuck around his neck

eats Mikey's preschool if we leave it lying around

loves to get dirty