Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanksgiving in Utah

So, once again, I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures.  We went to Utah for Thanksgiving and because Michael was off work we were able to go for a week, which we have never been able to do before.  So you will get to see pics of what I did take and narration of all the good stuff I didn't capture.

On the way to Logan we stayed in Provo with Michael's childhood friend Tyler.  It was a lot of fun and we wish we lived by them.  We would be great friends.  They were nice to put up our wild boys after they'd been in a car for 10 hours.

The next day we spent some time at Temple Square.  The boys haven't been there before and been so interested.

Mikey kept asking about the marks in Jesus' hands and feet and wanted to talk so much about him.  It was sweet seeing how much he loves Him.

After Temple Square we were able to have lunch with my Grandpa Turley and his wife Ana Maria.  My Aunt Willie came too.  It was so much fun.  We hadn't seen them in over two years and it was about time.  Lunch was delicious! 

Then we were off to Logan.  The boys ended up like this on the shortest trips in the car because they stayed awake for all the longest stretches.  It wasn't too bad. 

We surprised my parents.  They didn't know we were coming. 

The boys loved my parents piano.  Little budding musicians.  We really need to get a piano someday.

My boys on Thanksgiving.  This really was the best of the pics.  It's pretty hard these days. 

It didn't snow while we were there but there was a little bit of snow on the ground.  They boys had fun having a snowball fight with daddy.

They build a snowman and Michael used deerpoop for the mouth.  Him and the boys were so proud : ) 

Thanksgiving dinner was beautiful and delicious!  My sister has a lot of pics from the actual dinner.  I'll need to get them from her.

Afterwards we set up Christmas decorations for a fake Christmas with my family since we wouldn't see them for Christmas this year.  They boys felt pretty important helping Grandpa put up the tree.

Boys getting their Christmas jammies

Ty's first present.  It's his first Christmas onesie that we decided to save for real Christmas because knowing him there would be a huge blowout and it would be out of commission.

There was a horse at my brother's apartment that the boys thought was pretty cool. 

I do need to get some pictures from my family but that's all the ones I have.  I also was able to see my really good friends Tracy, Marjolaine, Jenny and Lynsi.  I am a spacecadet and didn't take any pictures but it was really great to see them and catch up.  It was a really great trip!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....

Yup...Christmas.  We got pictures with Santa at our ward party. 

Ty knows how to get on the nice list.  He wouldn't stop smiling at him!

Riley was petrified but he obliged

Mikey said he wasn't scared but...look at him : ) 

Family photo

My boys hamming it up while decorating the tree

Mikey loves that he can reach the tall parts

Riley doesn't mind the lower branches and he puts all the ornaments in one spot

I'm a sap for pictures like this

The finished result.  Not too pretty but it's kid friendly and we like it!

Sunday Photo Shoot Attempt

This is a little glimpse of what I go through to get a picture of all my boys together in their Sunday best....

Ty Ty (picture overload!)

Whoever says that you don't take as many pictures of your third child didn't know me.  Maybe I will take less in time but I can't get enough of this sweet spirit.  That is the best way to describe this little guy.  So sweet.

Maybe the first time we dressed him up for church.

First bath after his cord fell off.  He was almost a month old.  It took FOREVER for his cord to fall off.  He doesn't like the sink baths.  He likes the big baths and just swims around and smiles.

I know this is not the most flattering pic of little Ty Ty but I had to show what he looks like after his baths.  His hair gets all crazy and frizzy.  Really funny.

I know it's probably weird to say it but I feel like this little guy really loves me. I could snuggle him all day.

I have a pic of all the boys in this outfit.  I love this one of Ty Ty though because he looks like he thinks he is such a cool baller.  Will fit in with this family ; )

Now that he's smiling I love going in his room in the morning.  It is a good morning every day!

I just put on a bunch of him in this tie because I couldn't get enough.  He's finally growing out of the alien baby stage and chunking up and looking baby like.  They may all look the same to you, but I love all of them!

After he hates his tummy time I turn him over and he'll smile and talk at us for a while.  So cute!