Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mikey Is Four!

I can't believe I have a four year old. I also can't believe that his feet are only the length of my toes smaller than mine and he's less than two feet shorter than me. My boy is growing up!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Birthday Party

Last Saturday we threw a combined birthday for the boys since their birthdays are a week apart. We held it at Apollo Park and we were so grateful that it was such a nice day and the kids had so much fun. Mikey wanted a dinosaur party because he is pretty much obsessed with them right now, and Riley wanted a basketball party.

My talented sister made their cakes. They were the hit of the party.

We had a bbq for the guest. Michael just likes making the flame go really high : )

Riley wanted to feed the ducks as soon as we got there

The boy buds eating

Cousins eating

We got the kids two pinatas, Spiderman and Mickey Mouse, so everyone would get a chance to hit. I promise Mikey liked the pinata better than this picture shows

Riley swinging his hardest

Riley enjoyed the fact that we said yes to hitting something with a bat

Mikey taking his swing

Kids swarming for the candy

The kids were wearing the parts of the broken pinatas as hats

Mikey thinking he's climbing a tree ; )

My friend took the blowing out the candle shots for me because I couldn't get a good spot

Classic cake face

Cake face #2

Riley has never asked me to go down a slide with him. He loves them.

Riley is fearless at the park and he scares me to death, but I love him!

Only picture Mikey let me take

Feeding the ducks/geese crackers from the bridge so they wouldn't attack : )

We were so blessed to have so many friends and family come spend the day with us and the boys were spoiled rotten like always. It was a great day!

This Little Kid Is Two!