Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Since July 6th

Haven't posted in a while so here are some random going on's and a few more specific posts to follow....
Swimming with Daddy

Napping with Woody
Cake I made for Michael's birthday...mmmmm

Happy 26th Michael!

Mikey playing at Mulligans...he's really good at air hockey!

Flowers from Michael and Andrea for my
27th birthday

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Magic Mountain

We went to Magic Mountain a few weeks ago. The kids loved it. Michael and I got to go on X2 too. SO fun. Got the kids ready for Disneyland...


I'll be adding more ictures later, but my sister and I took our kids and went to Utah for a few days at the beginning of August. Surprised my parents and had a good time. My dad takes all the pictures when we get together, so when I get more, I'll post them. Here's a few for now.
We celebrated my dad and my grandpa's (they came all the way down from Canada!) birthdays. 50 and 75...so cool!

My dad and my boys

I don't know what happened to this picture but I'm posting it anyway because I love it of my dad and Riley. sorry you can't see it all....

Mikey and Lizzie after waking up one morning

We went to Willow Park. Mikey pushed Riley in the stroller the whole time and they loved it!

Disneyland-Oh Sweet Melody

My friend from my BYU days wasn't going to use her last day on her park hoppers so she generously donated them to our family and we took our first trip to Disneyland---only paying for Mikey! What a deal! Thank you Melody for sponsoring our trip to the happiest place on earth. I have so many pictures (and I didn't even take pics at all the places I should have) that I'm not going to caption them all. Use your imagination : )