Friday, October 23, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

I love waking up to this

The Boys

I can't do five posts in one day and not put up pictures of my boys. Love em!

Crazy Crafty

I'm really not that good at crafts but lately I've been obsessed with trying to make things on my own. I'll need to stop soon because our walls are filling up. It really is fun though and it saves money from buying things lots of times.
I made this birth statistics scrapbook page for Riley and framed it and put it on his wall. I made a page for Mikey, too, but it's still a work in progress.
I made framed fabric initials for both the kids

Pumpkin Ice Block- Need to put lights in it so it glows. Mikey loves this. He's always saying, "Mommy, the punkin winking at me!"

Sewless pumpkin for our centerpiece-still need to add the leaves and things around it
"Be" Sign

I will post pictures of Mikey's room soon. I did the bedskirt and curtains today and am putting up the finishing touches soon.

Craft ideas are always welcome.... : )

Work From Home

I don't know if anyone who reads this is looking for opportunities to work from home, but I have a couple options anyway. I love staying home with my kids but I love doing other things, too. I will probably start subbing again once a week or so in January, but I found a couple opportunities for at home work if anyone else is interested.
The first is Demand Studios freelance writing. They pay $15 an article and you can write up to ten a week. I just started with them, so I don't have a strong opinion, but it's working out so far. They pay twice a week through paypal.
The second is through This link will take you to the application page. I just recieved a tip about this place and have not been hired. I am seriously looking into it though. They are looking for pretty much all subjects and having taught English for two years this looks pretty appealing. I think they pay $10/hour. You tutor online from your home.
Anyway, random, but I thought I'd share.

Happy Housiversary

We were in our house a year on Sunday. Time sure does fly. It's been fun to put the work into something and see it turn out the way you wanted. We are so blessed to have our own house and it has been a great year.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Random Update

I'm redecorating Mikey's room, not that it was really decorated in the first place. So far I just have this pillow and a painting, but the wheels are turning...

Michael made me breadfast over conference was sweet

My little Buzz Lightyear...sorry it's blurry. I can't get him so stand still with his wings on.

Riley had his first time on the swings this weekend. He loved it.

Happy Graduation!

My most wonderful husband ever graduated with his bachelors yesterday. I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard to balance school, work and family and has succeeded. Even though he only gets a short break until his Masters, it is much deserved. Love you, honey!

The hot grad, if I do say so myself

Another failed attempt at a family picture. Mikey didn't behave to say the least

I'm proud of my man!

Michaels family came to support him. Yes, he has five sisters.

My littlest man...heartbreaker

My slightly bigger little man, refusing to leave his cousins stroller

This is probably my absolute newest favorite picture ever!

Here's video of Michaels walk for the family that couldn't make it.
Michael is so grateful for everyone's support to help this happen. We owe everyone a lot and we've been blessed. Congrats, Michael!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Following In Footsteps

I know I have a special bond with my sons but it gives me pure joy to see these two together.

Mikey telling me he's going to even cuter if Michael worked construction

On an evening walk

Mikey follows these feet everywhere

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Latest Additions

My latest attempt at craft: Family calendar made from a picture frame

Rare purchase for us: Painting of Jesus

Another painting of Jesus
A finished kitchen (the two frames on the sides were also homemade, will try to get pictures later