Thursday, November 5, 2009

Riley's New Trick


We were watching old videos of Mikey yesterday and he kept thinking it was Riley. While I can tell them apart, I am starting to see the brotherly resemblance. What do you think?
Mikey at five months

Riley five months

Mikey four or five months

Riley five months

In the words of Mikey, they are my favorites!

Yankees Win!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween and Other Things

Halloween was fun this year. Mikey's first year that he was realy excited about it and talking about trick or treating and parties and candy.
My mom sent Mikey a bag full of candy and books and glowsticks...he loved it!

Mikey was Dash. And this suited him to a T. We went to two trunk-or-treats, one work party and trick-or-treating and he said "I run fast like Dash" the whole time
And he did

Riley was Jack Jack
I made the kids costumes this year. It was my first venture. They liked them so it's all that matters, right?

Mikey after the first trunk-or-treat
He got four times this much candy, but he really only likes the M&M's so we all are enjoying some candy, too.

We went to Michael's work party. They are so nice there and we had a good time

My sister Alyssa won Most Creative Costume at the party. She's a cute carrot! It was so fun to have her here for a week. She is such good company and good with the kids. Thanks for visiting, Alyssa.

Andrea and her kids came over and we had a Halloween lunch.
We had mummy pizzas

Mummy dogs

Spider brownies

Spider potato salad

Graveyard Pudding

Spider deviled eggs

All the food was delicious and we had a great time
Andrea and her little tootsie roll, Bryce

Lizzie was the perfect Snow White

This is Riley in the trunk at the trunk-or-treat. He was a good sport.
I tried to take pictures of Mikey at this party and trick or treating, but there wasn't enough light. He was happy though.
This is our dressed up family. The incredible boys, the magician, and his bunny

Riley in daddy's magic hat

Riley found his tongue the other it!

Mikey eating his cereal out of those bowls with the straws...funny kid.

Sorry for the picture overload. Let the holiday season begin!