Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ty Turns One!

My little TyTy turned one!  He is the easiest, happiest, smartest baby.  We are so happy to have him in our family and love him so much!
 Talking to daddy on the samuri phone
 His party was on a Sunday but his actual birthday was on a Wednesday so we got him a Hostess cupcake for the actual day.  I love this picture.  He looks so sweet and is waiting so patiently. 
 He just got more excited....
 And more excited....
 Then he took a big chunk out....
 Before we knew it most of the cupcake was in his mouth....
 Then the whole thing!
 He is one happy kid!
 I made this mini cake for his party by getting 3 of those round single-serve angel food cakes and then stacking and frosting them.  I thought it turned out cute.
 Had a hurricane vase full of red and blue candies. 
 Didn't want to make a cake or cupcakes so I made oreo pops.  So good!
 We got these plates when Ty was only a few months old and planned the party around them.
 It was so hard to get a picture of this little dude!
 The food table
 We decided to have kids themed food.  Mac n Cheese, fruit, french fries, corn dogs and chicken pattie on a bun.
 This is how Ty stands most of his time now.  Mikey used to do this too, but it never gets old.
 Ty was so attentive at opening his presents
 He pointed and told us about each one he opened
 He got a lot of blocks but they are the perfect gift for him!
 And he got the customary first birthday mini basketball hoop
 He remembered the cake he got on Wednesday so he was so excited for this one
 He smashed right away
 Poor kid.  Time for a bath!

Mikey's Basketball Team

Mikey has been waiting his whole life to play basketball.  I know it's not that long, but still, he's pretty excited about it.  This is the first time he's been on any sort of team and it is so cute!