Friday, December 23, 2011

Ty Ty (picture overload!)

Whoever says that you don't take as many pictures of your third child didn't know me.  Maybe I will take less in time but I can't get enough of this sweet spirit.  That is the best way to describe this little guy.  So sweet.

Maybe the first time we dressed him up for church.

First bath after his cord fell off.  He was almost a month old.  It took FOREVER for his cord to fall off.  He doesn't like the sink baths.  He likes the big baths and just swims around and smiles.

I know this is not the most flattering pic of little Ty Ty but I had to show what he looks like after his baths.  His hair gets all crazy and frizzy.  Really funny.

I know it's probably weird to say it but I feel like this little guy really loves me. I could snuggle him all day.

I have a pic of all the boys in this outfit.  I love this one of Ty Ty though because he looks like he thinks he is such a cool baller.  Will fit in with this family ; )

Now that he's smiling I love going in his room in the morning.  It is a good morning every day!

I just put on a bunch of him in this tie because I couldn't get enough.  He's finally growing out of the alien baby stage and chunking up and looking baby like.  They may all look the same to you, but I love all of them!

After he hates his tummy time I turn him over and he'll smile and talk at us for a while.  So cute!