Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spiderman Obsession

Spiderman has become quite the big deal in our house. I actually had to tell Mikey he couldn't watch the cartoons anymore because they were a little too violent for him. But, he can still play if he only puts people in jail and shoots webs and climbs walls. He's doing pretty well.

Riley is starting to talk a lot more lately, not as much as Mikey did, but I'm a horrible mother for comparing. Anyway, he mostly says small words, but Mikey taught him to break up a word and he can say pretty much anything. He is so cute saying Spiderman. And, he's pretty good at the game of memory. He can find all the matches by himself when they're all facing up. I was impressed.

These are Mikey's web shooters....


Jessica said...

What a cute little guy, I love his web shooters!