Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Apple

Some of you may know that Mikey is not much for words. He only says dada and baba. So for someone that doesn't even say mama, this weekend was a pretty big deal. We were watching Dennis The Menace on t.v. on Sunday and fans of that movie know the part where the little cross-eyed boy says, "a apple". Well, that part passed and we heard a little echo next to us on the couch. Mikey had said that same thing. We coaxed him into saying it a few times and the next morning he woke up with no recollection of of the ability. I'm still claiming that as a first sentence.


Brandy & Corey said...

I love that movie it's so funny! Way to go Mikey...he's well on his way to show business...I guess! My favorite part is when they are building the tree fort! It's so funny! Well any part with Margaret is dang funny actually! I might just have to watch that this week!

Dansie Family said...

i have quoted that part in the movie several times... love it! congrats to mikey's first real words!