Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing Like A Good Friend

So, since we have moved here, we have had the privilege of meeting some pretty cool people. One of those people is Tiffany Dansie and her adorable family. They have helped us out and she is just some good company while our husbands are gone for the day. She has two sons, Cameron and Isaac. Cameron was taking a nap the other day but Isaac and Mikey had some time to play together.

We are teaching Mikey to sit up on his own and he is making some good progress.

Isaac gave Mikey some tips since he is older and wiser.

After that little lesson they were laid back and old friends!


Dansie Family said...

you're so nice! i'm glad you enjoy my company as i do yours! mikey is so cute and i hope he's feeling better soon!

The Over Clan said...


I love your blog!! And I love your new haircut too. Mikey is so cute!!!

Andy and Jon