Friday, December 14, 2007

My Amazing Dad The Grad

Yep! It's true! My awesome dad is graduating tomorrow. I just had to say how amazing I think he is. A couple years ago, my dad decided to go back and get his bachelors degree. And now tomorrow, he will receive his diploma after two years of all A's! I am so proud of him! It wasn't an easy thing. He worked full time for the university, worked a few side jobs, taught a class for the university and managed to marry off a couple of his daughters and take a few more trips to California when they had their babies. I don't think this man has had a minute for himself since we were born, but especially in these last couple years. So, here's to you, dad. Take a break and congrats on this amazing accomplishment. We all love you and think you are THE BEST!


Brandy & Corey said...

I saw him when we were walking and thinks it's an awesome accomplishment! I can't imagine going back to school, you have to be really motivated! Way to go Jeff!