Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Office Night

Our life has been going through quite the "Groundhogs Day" slump. Michael leaves for work, comes home from work, plays with the baby for a little bit, does homework, has meetings for church, and then we go to bed. I decided to mix things up last night. I printed out pictures and quotes from The Office and made a DVD of best Office moments and I had them all ready when Michael came home. There was a Dunder Mifflin sign on our door as well. I even put a mini-stapler in some Jell-O. Not much (it looked better in person) but it was a nice change. And who doesn't love watching The Office for a while to get in a good mood?


Brandy & Corey said...

I'm totally missing the office! I'm having withdrawals on my Thursday shows! This writers strike sucks! Maybe I'll have to put together an office party!