Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Day In The Life Of Mikey

I know, I know, I blog an awful lot. But I have one son and all day to take pictures of him. This is a little compilation of what he does all day.

He brushes his teeth when he wakes up.

Gets into everything he's not supposed to. We already moved our dvd's and are thinking about rearranging our bookshelf.

He plays with daddy when he gets home.

Wrestles himself out of mommy's arms ALL DAY LONG!

He loves this toy...it's pretty cool to see how much he's learned in his short little life

(For some reason it came up fuzzy and green on part of it...it works though)

(Pause my music :-))

Oh yeah, my friend Tiffany is pregnant! Congrats, Dansies!