Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Turleys and Overs in Mesa

My parents and sister, Alyssa, came to visit this last week. Andrea, Jon and baby Elizabeth came for the weekend. It was SO nice to have family around and Mikey loved cuddling up to and showing off for everyone. He woke up this morning going around the house looking for everyone and thinking they were playing hide and seek. We miss you guys already!

Grampy Turley and Mikey

Grampy Turley and Mikey on the slide...right before he cried....

These pajamas were Michaels when he was a baby...just thought it was cute!

You can't see my mom's face (sorry!) but this just shows how happy she makes her little grandbaby.

We took Mikey on his usual walks

Alyssa and Mikey watching TV...he never cuddles like that for ME!

Part of the family just hanging out

While they were here, my super crafty mother helped us make an Easter craft.

My mom probably could've done a better job, but I am pretty proud of it!


Heaps said...

That video is so cute. His little hand waving, I love it. Is it getting really hot down there? It's still pretty cool here, just waiting for warm weather so we can go out and play.