Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A-Z Tag and a Little More

My aunt tagged me and I'm sorry it took me forever, but here goes:

A - Attached or single?Attached for eternity to the best person ever!

B - Best friend?I have best friends from different categories in life. First category: the people I talk to everyday without fail…my husband, Michael, and my sister, Andrea. Second category: Mesa: Tiffany Dansie. Third Category: College, USU: Nicole Barker, BYU: Melissa Keegan. Fourth Category: Highschool: Lynsi Thuerer, Marjolaine Daines, Tracy Brandt, Jen Jones, Erin Patch…okay, maybe I should stop now. I love my friends!

C - Cake or pie? Easy, cake! I hate pie crust. D - Day of choice? I like any day that Michael has off of work or that Mikey takes a real nap.

E - Essential item? Chapstick. Everyone in my life will tell you I’m addicted.

F - Favorite color? I’m not too original, but it’s pink, really.

G - Gummy bears or worms?I like both of them, especially when they are chocolate covered. I have a huge sweet tooth!

H - Hometown?Providence, UT

I - Indulgences?Reading and ice cream.

J - January or July?It used to be July, but now that we’ve moved to Mesa and it’s so hot here, January is like July in Utah, so I’m starting to prefer it.

K - Kids?One, Mikey, and he is almost one! Crazy!

L - Life isn't complete without?My family, friends and a good book/movie.

M - Marriage date?March 4, 2006.

N - Number of brothers and sisters?Two sisters- Andrea and AlyssaOne brother and brother-in-law- Craig and Jonathan

O - Oranges or apples?Apples because I hate peeling oranges.

P - Phobias or fears?I’m afraid of being home alone or of losing friends or family.

Q - Quote?"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." Alexander Woollcott

R - Reason to smile?When my two boys give me kisses!

S - Season of choice?I love the fall when I have leaves to see and summer when I have a pool/lake/ocean to swim in.

T - Tag seven:Angie, Erin, Brandy, Mala, Ashley(both of you : ),Connie

U - Unknown fact about me?I hate the bottoms of drinks. I dump the milk, juice, soda, ect because I won’t drink it.

V - Vegetable?For how much I love vegetables, I should really eat them more. I love asparagus, broccoli, green beans, corn, tomatoes…I could go on forever. I basically love them all except celery…and I can force down carrots.

W - Worst habit?Lately, it’s been biting my nails. I have to keep them cut short.

X - X-ray or ultrasound?Ultrasounds are great except for the goop you have to wash off for forever afterwards.

Y - Your favorite food?Mmmm…I love food. I love Mexican food. I probably eat a bean and cheese burrito every day. But I guess my favorite food is really anything home-cooking-esque. Such as, roast, steak, turkey steaks, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, veggies, homemade cake or brownies…I love it!

Z - Zodiac sign?I’m a Leo and it totally fits me all the way. I married a Leo too…not supposed to be good, but it works for us!

And...because every post isn't a post without a picture of Mikey, here he is. These are his new pajamas. They glow in the dark and sadly enough, we think they are cooler than he does : o )


Nicole said...

I loved reading about you! That is funny that you always pour out the bottom of your drink....didn't know that about you. I miss you and hope you are doing well! Don't worry, I think Mikey's Pj's are cool too!

Brandy & Corey said...

Fun post! But I can't say that I will do that tag...i'm pretty bad at wanting to do them! Oh and thanks for noting me as one of your friends in high school...real cool! JK So I was just remembering the time that we slept over at Lynsi's and I made her drive to come pick me up and she hit the mirror off of the car pulling into the garage! She was so mad...oh that's funny!

The Brusik Family said...

It is great to read more about you. I hope you got my email, but some of my emails have failed so let me know. Mikey is so cute. Greg and I love Caden's glow-in-the-dark pjs way more than him too. I totally understand.