Saturday, June 9, 2012

Riley's 3rd Birthday

My Riley turned three this year.  The day of his birthday he actually looked taller and skinnier to me.  They get old so fast. 

Already decorated so much for their party that I just threw up a sign and some balloons.  He was happy though.

Mommy and Riley went on a breakfast date

And we went to Toys R Us and he picked out a toy and rode the helicopter.

They played at the McDonalds Funland and then we brought our Happy Meals home and put a candle in it.  We were caked out.

 Riley loves the Farmer's Market and it's every Thursday night, so luckily it fell on his birthday this year.  One happy kid.  But here's some Ty Ty :)

The kids played at the park on the Boulevard 

Daddy ended the night by taking Riley to ice cream after both his brothers went to bed.

Happy Birthday, Riley.  We love you!