Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas already?

Hey, so I know it's a bit early, well, really early, but I've caught the Holiday Season Bug. Usually it hits before Halloween. My sister and I used to have to sneak our Christmas music because my mom didn't want to hear it until after Thanksgiving. We like our Christmas music early in our family. This year I was wondering what was wrong with me when Halloween came around and, nothing. But I guess with Thanksgiving coming up, it's helped me get in the mood (hence the Christmas music added onto my playlist at the bottom of this page) So now I'm on my blog writing a mindless address to no one in particular about what I love and what I miss....

I miss the snow at Christmas

Not the car in the snow part

And I'm not much of a skier

But the valley

And the beautiful trees

And the snowmen

And the family

(Sorry, Andy and Jon, you're included in this!)

We are spending Christmas with our own little family in Mesa this in advance to all our family...we will miss you!