Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mikey's First Photo Shoot

Mikey had his first professional photos taken of him last Saturday. He did really well, even though he was hungry and tired because we got in an hour after our appointment. Don't mean to overload you with pictures, but what kind of a mother would I be if I didn't?

They put this together for us, I love it!

He's my little man!

G Q is all I can say!

He's got a mommy who loves him so much!


By the end, he'd had's sad and cute at the same time...but he was a cute little trooper and I think he looks great!


Mindy said...

Hi Tara!
My first time seeing the blog. Your baby boy is adorable, so cute! I can't believe you and Nicole have babies! They look like lots of fun. It's great to read about what's going on in your life, I didn't know you guys were in Arizona.


Dansie Family said...

so so cute! i love the black and white one!!!! it's super cute! which ones did you pick to order??

Nicole said...

He looks so cute in these pictures! I LOVE the fohawk!

Trisha said...

OH, he looks sooo cute! He did a good job smiling, pics can be hard.
And cute picture with you:)

Anonymous said...

He is cute. I love getting pictures taken. You will treasure them forever!