Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past weekend we stayed in Salinas with Michael's grandma and we had a really good time. We took Mikey to the aquarium and just enjoyed spending uninterrupted time together.
(Sorry for the upcoming picture overload)
A cute picture of my guys in the back yard.

Mikey holding his cousin, Kaston. He was in love with this baby.

I know he's not smiling, but he was distracted. I still like it. This was on the street by the aquarium.

Mikey was in heaven with all the fish. The seahorse exhibit was the last thing we saw, so he wasn't too interested, but they were cute.

We all loved the jellyfish

The penguins were cute

Mikey wanted to stay with Nemo and Dory all day.

Michael got to touch the bat ray. I wasn't long enough.

The restaurant we ate at on the wharf after the aquarium. I had a really good calamari steak..mmmm.
View from our table.

Mikey and Michael on the patio outside the aquarium.

Family photo...gotta love my big belly and my hair flying everywhere...what can ya do?

Mikey wouldn't even touch the star fish. He thought they were "ucky"

It took a lot to get Mikey to take his eyes off the giant fish tank and look at the camera.

Mikey loved the sharks. They were also his daddy's favorite.

He thought the otters were going to get him they got so close to the glass. They were show-offs.

There were these talking birds outside the restaurant that Mikey thought were pretty cool.

Outside the aquarium.

There was a seal on the beach when we were leaving the wharf. It was soaking up the attention and posing. Funny.

We had a really great trip and wish we could do it all the time. We highly recommend the aquarium. Thanks for everything, Grandma!


Ashley said...

i love aquariums. it looks like an awesome getaway. i can't believe you're so far along. you look great.

Hope and Kristian said...

What great pictures, it's so beautiful up there! You look so cute with your baby bump.

Theurer Clan said...

I love your hair!! When did you cut it? Am I totally clueless or what? You look so stinkin' cute! Tiniest little pregnant lady! I miss you! Thanks for the b-day wish!