Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Month Between...

I seem to go on blogging spurts, so here's the latest one.

New Years Day we watched Michael play football in the park again. Mikey HAD to wear his football sweatshirt.

Riley had on a football outfit, too, but ended up bundled up and sleeping the whole time.

Riley has NO fear. He loves to sit on Daddy's shoulders and be thrown feet into the air. Laughs and laughs and laughs. Funny kid.

This is what he looks like after every meal.

My sister Andrea and her family invited us to the Science Museum with them shortly after the New Year. We put the younger babies in my sisters strollers. They were the best babies all day.

The older kids got my stroller. These are funny cousins.

Mikey loved all the things to see. It was really nice of them to take us.

Riley's way of playing with his table. He knows how to pull himself up, it's just easier this way. And he doesn't fall down after.

We had a couple days of snow. No sticking.

Mikey watching the snow.

We had a fun family home evening with a Ratatoullie night. Mikey didn't eat the food, but thought it was a fun night anyway.

Riley loving his baths

Mikey in the bath. What I get when I say "smile big" Ha Ha

I made this Valentines Countdown for Michael and I and it's fun so far. Really recommend it. I found it on Love Actually, one of my favorite new blogs with GREAT date ideas.


Hope and Kristian said...

I love the picture of Mikey and Andrea's little girl, her face is priceless! I can't believe how big Riley is getting, they grow up way to fast.

Nicole said...

so cute! I am jealous you and your sister can hang out whenever and so can your kids!! So fun. I am going to check out your love actually blog. what a cute idea! BTW, I need to call you b/c I don't have your address and need to send you a New years/baby announcement.

Andrea said...

That picture of Riley in his car seat with only his eye showing is hilarious! And I like those pictures of the kids at the science center...I copied them to my computer. Riley looks so cute in the tub!

Raegan said...

You and Andrea have such cute kids! How is it with two boys? I am beginning to lose my mind! I'm interested to see how you are hanging in there.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Loved your post! The science museum looks amazing and it was fun to see both of your children! I can't believe how time flies! Riley is getting so big! Adorable boys Tara! You are an amazing mommy!

Anonymous said...

Are you still doing the book club? I love the idea and would like to join :) I hope it is still going on. I will check out the website!!