Sunday, September 4, 2011

When You Only Blog Every Three Months...

The best you can do is post a bunch of random pictures in an even more random order and try and describe them as best you can and hope that family is willing enough to go through this very, very, long post to see them all. Here goes : )

(Note: I didn't attempt to edit any of these photos so lighting is horrible and redeye is rampant )

Michael had an alumni night at Jethawks Stadium last night and there were a bunch of activities before the game.  This is Mikey sitting on a real motorcycle.  I managed to really mess up and delete the only other picture of the night, which was Michael and the boys together.  Good thing Michael has a good memory, right?
The boys want to do whatever Michael is doing....seriously.....
Just out of the bath and bedresting it with mommy
I know the lighting is funny on this one, but Riley loves these monkey jammies and wanted a picture of himself in them.  He was so funny.
Michael took the boys with him one Saturday morning to play basketball.  They were in heaven.
Mikey getting pointers from daddy.

Once again doing everything daddy does.  Riley is such a hard worker. He weeds our yard even when we don't ask. 

More basketball pics just out of order.  Mikey watching the game.


We got to go to the new dinosaur exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum about a month ago.  Mikey was in his element at that place.  He was walking around naming all the dinosaurs and what they eat and whatever else.  He is OBSESSED with dinosaurs.  Really, he is. 

I warned you these pics would be out of order ; )  Michael got me these flowers for my birthday, and a Kindle (with the the help of relative birthday money) and took the day off to take me to lunch and a movie.  It was fantastic!  BTW I really recommend The Help.  Cried my eyes out and still want to see it again and again.
Bathtime has become quite the funny time for the kids.  If I'm not in there for one minute the whole bathroom is soaked.  They are crazy.

Family in front of a dinosaur display at the museum

Don't mind my pregnant belly.  And I really hope this shirt is making me look wider than I already am ; )  I love my boys though : )

This is one of my new favorite pictures of the boys.  This is a typical day at our house.  Jammies or underwear and superhero capes.  I just love their faces in this one though.  Riley LOVES his brother.

Michael had a birthday and I attempted to make him a copycat of his favorite cupcakes from a shop out here.  They are chocolate cupcakes with peanutbutter frosting and reeses cups on top.  The cake was the same.  It turned out really well actually.  Happy Birthday Michael!

My brother came to visit for the week of fourth of July with his sweet wife and adorable baby.  This is us waiting for the fireworks to start.

Semi-awkward picture of our family waiting for fireworks to start

Way better family picture from earlier in the day before the swimming and bbqs : )


This is how Riley keeps busy at our house.  Or one of the ways I should say.  He's always finding something to get into and explore.  He doesn't sit still for a minute.  I'm not kidding.  This kid has energy.

But he loves babies.  He gets that cute little face on everytime he holds a baby and seems excited for our baby boy to come.  Even though he has no idea what's coming....

My niece Jazy.  I just love her so much.  She is the best baby and I miss having her around.  I need to see her soon and we were grateful Craig and Amanda made the trip out here to see us.  It was fun spending time with their family.

We've been getting quite a bit of use out of our pool this year.  Swimming almost every day.  This is the only picture we took though I think.  I'm horrible.  Mikey is learning swim strokes and Riley just likes to go under water and jump in.  They both love swimming.

We potty trained Riley a couple months ago too.  I didn't want two kids in diapers and I figured why not try early since I'm laying down home all day anyway and it was summer and hot.  He took to it really well and he doesn't even have to wear a diaper at night.  I was so proud of him!

He likes to match toys.  He got his hat, his fire truck and then dressed potato head up the same way.  He's pretty smart that way.

Mikey just loves to study.  He will read, or have me read to him, any book about dinosaurs or animals and we'll read them over and over again and compare to see which dinosaur is faster or bigger or where they are found, etc.  He fell asleep studying this day.  I love how much he loves to read and learn.  Don't get me wrong, he'll watch tv too (unlike his brother) it's just Dino Dan or Dinosaur Train.  He starts preschool on Tuesday and is so ready and hopefully I'll post soon after that and not months after.

Mikey lifting weights with daddy. 

I am enjoying every day with my kids and husband and am continually grateful for the support they are to me.  And the support our ward family is to us.  We are being taken care of so well.  Just a couple months until our little one gets here and one month till I can get off the couch.  Hooray!  Big things to come and we're excited.....


Unknown said...

This was wonderful, Tara! You've had a very busy and productive summer! Congrats on Riley's potty training, and when did you get the pool? I feel so out of the loop! Loved all the pics and it was so cool to see "Jazy" after worrying about her so much. Your house looks beautiful and so do you! I hope you get to get off of the couch soon, and I can't wait to see you!!
Love, to all of you, Nancy