Thursday, November 1, 2007

Family, Baby food, Two Geeks and a Bumble Bee

Wow, what a week! We have had so much fun! Last weekend, Michael's parents and his sister Lindsay came to visit us. It was a fun weekend and we really appreciate them coming. Mikey, had a blast as well.

Also last week, Mikey started eating baby food. He loves it and has become a little chunk. I think he's doubled his rolls since his first bite!

Yesterday was Mikey's five month birthday and his first Halloween. He was the cutest bumble bee we'd ever seen and he was too young to be embarassed by his geeky parents.


Theurer Clan said...

Happy B-day little Bumble Bee! You guys make great nerds!

Anonymous said...

Mike and Tara, Mikey is so cute. My little boy Sy was a bumble bee too. How fun! My baby (4 month old) Vin was a pea pod. I still need to get pics up.

I'm glad Susan, Mike, and Lindsey got to come visit. It's always nice to see family (especially when they live out of state).